Scrivener manual not searchable?

Okay, hit me. It has to be me, since there are no other posts about this.
But when I open the Scrivener manual from the help menu and it launches into Preview…

…it opens fine enough, only completely and utterly not searchable.
Whatever text I enter to search for, preview comes back empty-handed. Even if I see the word on screen before me…

Yes, I’ve restarted anything that can be restarted.
Other documents can be searched just fine.
So — is there some bug in the Scrivener manual making it un-indexable or so?

(“Inga träffar” is Swedish for “no match”)

All help appreciated.

I take that you also restarted the Mac completely?

Assuming you are using the “built-in” manual that opens via “Help>Scrivener Manual” did you try to load the one from the Website? … ser-guides

Would be interesting to see if that makes any difference.

Yup, rebooted and all, still no luck.

But interestingly — yes: Downloading from the link you provided, the search works perfectly! See below.
Only spottable difference is different naming of the files, as can be seen in the tabs.
So I guess my copy of the pdf happens to be corrupt somehow? Does the invoked-from-the-help-menu manual work for everyone else?

Great it worked!
Can’t tell you why the built in manual doesn’t work in regards of searching the document unfortunately.

Working fine for me in both, Scrivener 3.03 and 3.1 public beta.

Hej, Latte,

I bet you recently upgraded to Mojave, yes?

There’s a bug in Preview when you use Mojave:

If you close then open the PDF, it should be fine. I tore my hair out a bit, but once I did that, I haven’t had any failures.

Ibland hatar jag dator.


Hah! You’re right! It’s a bit hit-and-miss for me: Sometimes I get it to work and sometimes not. I think the logic may be that every time I open the PDF anew after rebooting or re-launching Preview, the problem reappears, and the PDF must be closed-and-opened again. Which means if only I hadn’t been a well-behaved user and restarted everything in my search for the solution, I might have found it myself… :slight_smile:

Anyways, thanks for the heads-up!
Yes, ibland hatar jag datorer indeed.
(Men att inte ha dem alls vore värre.)