Scrivener Manual on the Kindle

I love using Scrivener and was wondering if you could make a .mobi format of the manual so I could put it on my Kindle. I want to be able to review specific and general topics to make sure I know how to really use the program.

I’ve converted the PDF using Amazon’s email system, but the conversion isn’t great. So, I was hoping you might be able to make one.


Hi Evan,

We hope to be able to provide this eventually, but at the moment the problem is that Ioa writes the manual using MultiMarkdown syntax (you can download the Scrivener project of the manual from our support page - ). At the moment, it’s not possible to export to an e-book when using MultiMarkdown. That is something we hope to add in the future, though, and as soon as that is done then we will be able to offer the manual on the Kindle.

Thanks and all the best,

I just e-mailed the PDF file to my Kindle, and did not have any problems with the conversion that Evan experienced.

I also tried using Calibre to convert the PDF to .mobi and got a readable version of the text, but the links do not behave properly. Probably because of the MM format?

I actually think it’s easier to read as a Scrivener project file, but of course that’s not as portable as the Kindle.