Scrivener + "Marked" - workflow?


is anyone using Scrivener together with “Marked” ( ? It has got a live preview for Scrivener projects so I am wondering if it is worth a try. For me I am writing MMD in Scrivener and then export my files to Latex, but I think a live preview of my MMD text would be nice to check for minor errors of formatting.

Can any one describe her or his workflow or experience with this two programs?

Greetings and thanks in advance!

I have used it a few times, but I can hardly describe a workflow. When I used it, it was for relatively small, self-contained projects. In my experience it did work very well, and it’s very intuitive. I think you’ll love it. However, I am not a heavy MMD user, so take it with a grain of salt

I also don’t know how to describe a “workflow” for this. If I have a shorter piece in Scrivener, then the direct Scrivener/Marked combo works fantastically well.

I also use Scrivener for all my website writing (I create course websites). In those cases my approach is different for several practical reasons. For instance, if I have 30 pages on my website, then I only want to be exporting one page at a time. In this case the Scrivener/Marked combo doesn’t work very well.

I use a dollop of HTML, but the rest is Multimarkdown. I export the “page” (folder) that I want as a Multimarkdown to TXT compile. Then drag that resulting TXT file onto Marked. I do a brief check, then copy to HTML and place into my web design software. Also works very nicely, easily, and quickly.

What if I have huge scrivener project - can I adequately use Marked as a Live Preview?

Maybe I’m not understanding what you’re after. Are you simply asking if it’s “worth” getting Marked? The answer is simple: YES. Marked rocks in all sorts of ways.

I don’t know how large your Scrivener project is. Largest Scrivener project I’ve sent to Marked so far is about 35,000 words. Handled it flawlessly. Marked is very inexpensive, so it’s truly a no-brainer. Fairly soon (weeks, a month or so) the new Marked should be released which has extra goodness for navigating and reading large documents. But even right now it’s a great way to go.

Ok, thanks - I go for it than :slight_smile:

I totally agree. Lovely little app that is powerful in many ways. You’ll love it