Scrivener-Medium Integration

The online blog network Medium just announced that they would open up their publishing APIs on Oct. 7, 2015, and announced a list of writing applications which would publish to Medium from the desktop under the topic “Desktop Integrations”. You can read about them here:

I am a great fan of Scrivener as a writing platform, and I am learning more about Medium as a web publishing platform. It would be great if Scrivener and Medium would integrate, so that I could write in Scrivener then publish to Medium on the web.

It would be great if this could be done as soon as possible, because Medium is gaining traction as a publishing platform.

Thank you for your consideration. :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell, it would be on the Medium people to coordinate the integration options, so you’d be better served asking them to get on it.

Medium has contacted several developers including Byword, iA Writer, and Ulysses. All have announced that they’ll soon have Medium integration. I’m assuming Medium has already reached out to the Scrivener folks. It would be fool-hardy/crazy for Scrivener not to implement some sort of Medium publishing integration in the future.

I love Scrivener. But the inability to include Markdown shortcuts, and the sheer beauty of some apps (see Ulysses) is definitely drawing away some users. Scrivener excels at organizational capabilities: which I need. But it is lacking in some others: and one of those is integrating with some key publishing services such as Evernote, WordPress, Medium, and others. But this is probably related to not having better Markdown integration.

At any rate, I hope Scrivener moves forward and fairly quickly. The competition is more fierce than ever, and clearly drawing some users away (including some who previously wrote books about Scrivener).

Medium hasn’t reached out to us; perhaps they feel we are not the best fit for their tools, and they may be right - although it can export to MMD, Scrivener is not a Markdown editor, and never will be.

If people are drawn away from Scrivener by other tools, they should use those tools, with no ill-will from us. Writers should use the tools that work for them best. We are moving forward, and have been in development on major updates behind the scenes for a long time now, but this forward momentum won’t be in the direction of Markdown.

All the best,

I write something for Medium most weeks - for short pieces I write directly into the Medium editor, for longer pieces I write in Scrivener (standard rtf mode) and then simply copy and paste (no compile). It works perfectly and doesn’t feel as though I’m missing any functionality.