Scrivener messed up the photos I uploaded to my file

Hi! I’ve uploaded quite a few pictures to the Research section of one of my files (I’m a visual planner), and I’ve noticed, on some of the folders, Scrivener completely screwed up the pictures! (Even my oldest backup file, from a couple of weeks ago, already has them corrupted, so I don’t have high hopes for getting the file back to normal, this is more of a “why did this happen and how do I make sure it doesn’t happen again” question) Has this happened to anyone else?

This one, for example, is of a road trip my characters take through Germany. The research section had screenshots of routes, pictures of the cities they passed for help in the description, etc. Some of them are fine, but most pictures have their exposure completely blown up, and I can’t figure out a way to revert this.

You can see, in the same document, a few of the image files are fine, the others are not.

Known bug. Details and a workaround here: … =3&t=51760
Fixed for the next Scrivener update.