Scrivener - Moving from windows to Mac - Version 3? Transfer of files?

I have Scrivener on windows 10 and I am a long way through a novel.
I have recently bought a brand new iMac and I would like to move to Scrivener on the iMac away from Windows 10.
First of all, will I have to pay the full amount to buy the Mac version of Scrivener? I know the answer to this but just checking.
Secondly, how do I transfer everything I have written so far? I have a complete storyline, character profiles, chapters , parts (it’s a 4 part novel), outline, storyboard, completed chapter and compiled pdf chapters. There’s so much work done I would hate to lose any of it (and would probably cry).
I can’t see an import / export facility in the Windows version, so assume there is none in the Mac version. Help please!
Thanks in advance

Save the project in your Dropbox folder.
Close the project.
Wait for the Dropbox app on your PC to upload it all to the Db server.
Start your iMac.
Wait for the Db app to download the project from the server to your Db folder on the iMac.
Start Scrivener.
Open the project (File-> Open)

At the bottom of the window behind the “Buy Now” link on the main page, there’s a link for a Mac discount for Windows license owners: … remail.htm

Also, I wouldn’t recommend just opening the Windows Scrivener project from dropbox without first pausing Dropbox. Presumably, you’re on version 1 for Windows, and you’ll want to use version 3 for Mac. V3 will upgrade your old project by first copying it (adding “backup” to its name), and then converting the original internally. Dropbox has bitten me hard when I moved scrivener projects around too much, and internally, Scrivener 3 will be creating new folders, renaming files internally, moving them…

So if you use Dropbox to transfer your projects, let it sync to your Mac and then pause before opening those projects on your Mac for the first time. Subsequently, you won’t have to do this, but for the first time, please do.

Alternately, you can use File->Back Up->Back Up To… and create a .zip backup file of your project, then transfer that .zip backup however you like (external drive/thumb drive, dropbox, etc…). Copy that .zip to your Mac, extract the project where you want it to live, and then open it with the Mac v3 of Scrivener for the first time there.

Also: get a big external hard drive and use it for Time Machine backups.

I didn’t have any internet service except dial up until recently. Therefore when I wanted to move a Scriv project from a Windows PC to a MacBook Pro, I did a Save As and saved the project to a USB on my Windows machine. Ejected the USB and stuck it on the MBP. Opened project from the USB and did another Save As to put it on the MBP’s hard drive. Low tech, but it worked fine.

You could also copy a zipped backup that way, of course.

Transferring a project from Windows Scrivener to Mac Scrivener.
I opened the project in Scrivener in Windows.
Save as to a USB stick.
Transferred the USB stick to the iMac.
Opened Scrivener in iMac and went to recent projects.
Scrivener prompted me to make a copy and Scrivener updated the copy.
All in place, done, ready to continue writing my novel now on Mac.
It is also still on my Windows laptop so I can update back and forth if need me which makes me mobile.
Thanks for the advice everyone.

Ahm, not quite. Mac Scriv updated because it is version 3, but your Windows version is 1. Mac Scriv 3 can read Win Scriv 1 projects, but not the other way around, unless you export in Mac version 2 format. Or of you want to go back and forth between Mac and Windows you could doenload Mac version 2.9which is compatible with Win version 1.9

Is it no longer possible to transfer srivener files from Mac to PC?

WIth the MAC Mojave, it’s no longer possible to download Scrivener 2.9 for Mac, basically this means that Mac and Windows files are no longer compatible. Is that right? Please somebody answer, I’ve spent the better part of my day trying to figure out how to transfer my Mac file to PC because Dragon is discontinuing their mac version, THere has to be a way to transfer those files over, no?

File > Export > as Scrivener 2 Project

Use the file system to transfer exported projects.

Hope this helps.

Mac Scrivener 2.9 will download and install with Mojave. It is not supported and there are some known issues, but it will run well enough to backup your projects for transfer to a Windows system.

And, as noted, there’s the Export -> As Scrivener 2 Project option in Mac Scrivener 3.


Hi everyone, I have a licence on my windows pc but want to use my mac for my project when I am away from home, do I need to buy a separate licence?

I have tried to save to dropbox but when I open in mac in wont accept my windows licence? I thought scrivener was a “home” licence for multiple devices - is this not the case?

Thanks in advance

The Mac and Windows versions are separate products, requiring separate licenses.

The “household” license allows you to use the program on multiple computers with the same operating system. It is not a cross-platform license.