Scrivener, MS OneDrive and upgraded License file

Hi ,

I started using the Scrivener Beta version last year, installing the files on MS OneDrive. I’ve upgraded to version 3.0 and at the same time upgraded the license file. I now have a new laptop and want to run Scrivener in the same manner as the old P.C - running 2 laptops using the 1 set of scrivener install and working files, However, when I enter the license key, I get an error - ‘key not valid’ (I think).

I guess the question is - can I run Scrivener from multiple laptops accessing the same set of files located on MS OneDrive. Accessing files would not be concurrent .

Yes, you can. Install Scrivener on both PCs. Keep your data on OneDrive. Only access a project using one PC at a time. Be sure OneDrive has completely synced on both PCs before opening a project.

Regarding your key issue, if you’re copy/pasting your license key into the field during the registration process, be sure you don’t have an inadvertent space " " at the end of the key. Mentioning this as it comes up now and again on the forums.


Thanks for the reply.

I’ve actually loaded everything on OneDrive. Now that you mention it, your suggestion might be the better way to go, installing Scrivener on each device and having the projects available on OneDrive.

Running the Scrivener application from a “cloud” location is not supported. It needs to be installed (and registered) on each relevant device.

Best practices for using Scrivener with cloud services can be found here: … c-services