Scrivener newbie

I recently checked out Scrivener and fell immediately in love. I’ve loaded my novel-in-progress and parsed out the chapters and now have nothing to do but overcome my lifelong battles with distraction/procrastination.

Seems like a great community here and yet another way to avoid doing any actual work.

Welcome to the forums!

…listen ere pal!! we dont do procrastination/distraction on board Scrivener.

Use them words again and y` walk the plank :imp:

Anti Procrastination enforcement Officer


PS welcome to Scriv :wink:

You have to understand that vic’s title

means, not that he’s opposed to procrastination, but that he’s opposed to enforcement.

Unless the the enforcing is done by a nublie female armed with Jameson.


It`s all a question of maintaining standards, is it not? :slight_smile:


I’m all for maintaining standards. As long as they’re low.

Phil! come embrace a kindred spirit :laughing:

Accessible standards! For everyone!

Wait a minute.

What Vic-K call “low” standards are difficult for some to achieve. When I look around the cube farm I see many individuals who would have difficulty picking up a hooker for the night, they can not OPEN a bottle let alone consume it (not talking milk here), and their idea of casual is the glasses with the the blue tape (personally I prefer white for all occasions).

While they descry the fact that I am exposing their “pale white underbelly of seedy desire”, they all ENVY your (vic-k/grumbleboy) low standards, which I believe causes a reclassification to “high standards” if you live in my cube farm.

We suck.

Young Jaysen,

Be not so harsh, on the cube slaves, data divas and data monkeys of your acquaintance.

You must also learn, to differentiate twixt those, who possess no standards whatsoever (such as your colleagues), and those of us who worship at the alter of the Goddess Nihilistica. Low standards are our credo. :wink:

Take care

Wait, I didn’t realize “no standards” was a choice. I think I got in the wrong line.

…tch! tch! tch!..the ship`s filling up with feckin Philistines.

We`re doomed…doomed :open_mouth:

Distraction and procrastination… my old friends!

Distraction and procrastination… my old friends!

Welcome to the Scrivener community!

Don’t worry about distraction/procrastination here. That only happens if you are running a Microsoft product. Think of them (D/P) as alternate social priorites or if all else fails then just note that your time spent crusing the forums is not a distraction nor procastination but rather research into future projects yet to be realized.

And beware of Vic-k. :slight_smile:

He is one of quick wit and intelligent ramblings, and he can draw you into a philisophical discussion so vast you would need Scrivener to just keep up with the extensive dialog. :stuck_out_tongue:


All fun aside Grumbleboy, welcome to the community. Feel free to ask any questions or jump into a discussion.

PS: If you find that your standards are “low” then just lower the bar.

I have high standards just a really low bar. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the monkey house. I got into Scrivener recently myself.

Thanks for the welcomes everyone.

Oddly enough, last week a friend sent me an email urging me to try out this new program he’d come across called Scrivener. I had to break the news that I was way ahead of him in this game. Well, a couple of weeks ahead anyway.