Scrivener no longer available


I tried to return to my two projects on Scrivener this morning (after a break due to personal reasons) but the app is not available. Once I go to the App Store, it says it’s not available in my area? I do however find a new version which will cost me ca 50 usd.

I’m not so keen on spending the money again. I have a back up of one project on Word but the other one I don’t. Has anyone else also experienced this problem?

Appreciate any help or tips!


Sounds like you had Scrivener 2 in the past but now you’re only finding Scrivener 3 in the App Store?

If that’s the case, see the note on upgrading for App Store customers on this page: Upgrade to Scrivener 3 for macOS | Literature and Latte

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Thanks! I tried following the steps but it asks for a serial number for the older version of the program I had and I don’t have it since I can’t even open it.

I was referring to the “Important note to Mac App Store customers” at the bottom of the page. It says you should email a proof of purchase to L&L.