Scrivener not backing up correctly


I’m suddenly having a problem with Scrivener not backing up a project file. I haven’t switched versions mid-stream or anything, it was working fine with this version a few days ago. (Version 024) Now when I do a backup, all I get is the Files folder, with its contents. And since I use these backups to transfer current work between my laptop & desktop, this means I can’t access my latest changes on the other machine.

Help?! :slight_smile:

I just tested something. I’d been doing the backup directly to my flashdrive, which I have always done & which has worked in the past. So, just for the heck of it, I backed up directly to the harddrive on the laptop, where I’d been working, and that backup worked. I’m going to copy that folder over to the flash drive & get it to the desktop that way, but I’m still wondering why the flashdrive backup suddenly isn’t working. Hmm…maybe it’s full? Hard to believe, but I’ll delete a few old files & find out.

Any ideas would be helpful!

Okay, it wasn’t the flashdrive being full. I took a ton off, and the backup directly to the flashdrive still didn’t work.

I’ve got my files, but I’d really like to figure out how to make this work again.