Scrivener not backing up

I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing wrong, but Scrivener is not backing up. When I tell it to back up, it gives me the message "Scrivener can not create a back up file at p/folder name. I told it to back up to my external hard drive which is Drive F, not drive P, so why is it doing that and why can’t I create my back-ups to the drive I want? Can anyone help? I’m using the current version of Scrivener on Windows Vista Service Pack 2.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you for your time.

Did you try setting the location via the following?

Tools > Options > Backup > Backup location: (click Choose button and navigate to and select desired drive and folder)
and hit Apply or OK

Yes, I did, and I’m still getting the same error message. It stalls out around 50% done. I even tried to redirect my projects that I’m working in Scrivener, and I’m still getting the drive P, and I redirected everything to my external hard drive (a Seagate) and a thumb drive, (the Seagate is Drive “F” and the thumb drive is Drive “K”, and I’m still getting the same message. I’m not happy with that part, everything else in Scrivener works OK, as far as I know. I’m not having any other trouble other than the automatic back ups. I’m finally getting down to just copying and pasting the files to my external hard drive and my thumb drive for the time being. Not sure if this is smart, but at least I won’t lose my data. :confused:


Same behavior if try File > Back Up > Back Up To and browse and select desired drive and folder?

In File Explorer, My Computer, or such, does a drive P: appear? If so, what is it and where is it pointing?

Is this a personal/home machine or a machine being used in some organization (business, university, etc.) context? The local Windows environment on the machine and/or any network environment the machine is working in can have an impact on apps.

There’s always the option of uninstalling, redownloading and reinstalling Scrivener, to cover the possibility that Scrivener has gotten corrupted.

And, admittedly grasping at straws on my part, you might try compatibility tweaking … y-settings

You might go ahead and directly contactl Scrivener tech support via e-mail, as discussed here

Hope that’s more help than hurt.

I checked your message again, and also a book about Scrivener, and realized I was trying to change the location from the file menu, not the tools menu. It’s going in where I want it to; my Dropbox, so everything’s working out well. I’m going to remember this. Sorry for the misunderstanding. My bad. Thanks again for the help a million times. I love this program! :slight_smile: