Scrivener not converting -- to em dash on Lion

Hi Guys I had been using scrivener on my old G5 leopard and the em dash conversion worked fine, I would type – and after pressing the space bar it would get converted into an em dash, so far so good, then I purchased a mac Air which has Lion and installed Scrivener, however now the – does not get converted to em dash not matter what I do, I even imported the settings from my old scrivener into the new one and it doesn’t work. I have the option checked in the preference screen and everything.
This is a problem because 3/4 of my book has the em dash and what I’m writing now has just --.
Any ideas of what’s wrong?

PS: Running latest scrivener version on OSX Lion, Macbook Air.


Have you accidentally entered script mode by any chance? Check to see if the word count is still in the footer bar. If not, and if the icon for the document is yellowish with hole punches, then you have somehow entered script mode. Go to Format > Scriptwriting to turn off script mode for any affected documents.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thanks for the quick response Keith, I checked and I’m not in script mode, I have the word count and the document icon is white.
This is very puzzling, to make things even more weird, even if I hardcode a text replace on the OS lvl scrivener does not do it, I went to (language and text) system settings and entered an automatic replacement there for ‘–’ into em dash which worked system wide except in Scrivener, I have since removed that from the OS preferences.
Thanks for your time,


Ok I found a solution to the problem, I had Scrivener running for several days, so I decided to completely exit Scrivener and restarted the application and now it works again.
I don’t know why it happened but quitting the app and restarting solved it.

Thanks and happy writing,