Scrivener not here anymore after reboot my Mac

Hello everybody,

I have an issue with Scrivener today : I reboot my computer and, after restart, I have a window that says to me :
Scrivener is no more registered (recorded ? I’m french, sorry) !
Scrivener is a shareware and it will not work after using it 16 days, unless you activate it

I Bought Scrivener in the end 2011 (or early 2012), [or end 2012 early 2013] after winning the NaNoWriMo and using my discount coupon.

And the problem is … : I have no more the email I used at the time. It was “” and it’s closed since years.
I think I have lost the purchase email because I don’t find anything. I have Scapple purchase email but not Scrivener. And Paypal don’t go so far in time (I’ve tried)

I am a published writer. I have dozen and dozen story wrote on Scrivener. I am desesperate.

So, anyone knows how can I retrieve my licence number and the name of the licence ?

Thank you very much.

ps : I still have my n° discount coupon from Nano 2012 if it helps.

Contact and give them all the details you can. They’ll help you.


Thank you Mark, that’s what I’ve done.
And after 4h to search, I’ve found what I was looking for… in the email of my ex-husband…
So it’s ok now, Scrivener works well.

Thanks !

Glad that all is well again for you.



When the Sales team gets back to you, I’d recommend asking them to update your email address in our database. That will make it easier to find your serial number again if necessary, and also easier to get the upgrade discount when/if you decide to switch to Scrivener 3.