Scrivener not listed in programs

I want to help Scrivener work better with my OneDrive and according to one of your articles I need to go to Scrivener in programs to do that - but it’s not listed in either program files or program files (x86). How can that be when I’m using it on my laptop?

You must have installed it elsewhere. You can figure out where that is by right-clicking on whatever shortcut you use to run Scrivener.

But what are you trying to do? The only thing that you can do within Scrivener is to have it running (which you seem able to do without knowing where it’s installed), and then use Tools->Options->Backup to change where your backups are located. If you’re worried about synchronization issues with One Drive, then Scrivener can’t do anything about that. You have to go into One Drive’s settings, as described here: … e-advisory