Scrivener not listing all my chapters

My computer crashed while Scrivener was open; when I got everything back up and running again, my most recent open chapter was nowhere to be seen in the file listing. At first I thought it had been deleted or not saved, but I remember Scrivener auto-saves every few seconds. Digging into the files and opening the “.scriv” folder for this project shows that the document still exists, but Scrivener can’t seem to find it to display it.

I suppose I could open the missing file in Word, copy/paste the whole thing, and create a new document for it in Scrivener, but I’m not sure I should have to. Is there something else I can try to get my chapter back?

Thanks for your help!

Hi PeaceHeather,

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Sounds like when your PC crashed, it corrupted the xml file that is the “index” of your project, which lost its pointer to your missing chapter. If it’s any consolation, it could have been worse.

Are you on the latest prod Windows v1.9 and do you have “Use safe document saving mechanism” enabled in Options? This feature might have helped in your scenario, but it’s new, so I’m not sure.

If missing your latest chapter is the only issue, then you might as well create a new Scrivener document in your project and copy in your words from the RTF file that you found in the Scrivener project folder. You’ll also need to recreate the Synopsis, and Label/Status assignments for that doc.

If you had lost more than this, I would have suggested reverting to a zipped backup. As we’re on the topic of backups, here is a post with my (unasked for by you) suggestions on how you should configure Scrivener backups: [url]]