Scrivener Not Opening My Last Session

I write during several session per day because I take my laptop from place to place. Each time I open Scrivener, my last session doesn’t open. From what I can tell, it is opening my next to last session. So I have to unzip my last session and open it each time. Then I have to save each session under a different name and open. What am I doing wrong? The box in general options is check to open recent projects. Thanks.

I’m not quite sure I follow what you’re describing. Scrivener is auto-loading your project, but the project appears to be an outdated version?

Currently the auto-load option works by opening the most recently opened project, so if you open a project and work on it, open and close a second project, and then finally close the first project and quit, Scrivener will auto-load that second project on next launch, rather than the first one. Some confusion from that might have affected what’s going on in your case, since you mention having saved multiple versions of your project.

It might be worth just trying to clear out the history of projects so you can start fresh. Open Scrivener and create a new project, then quit Scrivener. When you relaunch Scrivener, that new project should be the one that opens. Choose File > Recent Projects > Clear Menu. Now open the working version of your project. (You can close the other project and delete it if you want; it was just to get something in the menu that wasn’t a copy of your current project.) As long as you don’t open any other projects before quitting Scrivener, this project should be what auto-loads next time you open Scrivener. You’ll also see that it gets added to the Recent Projects list for convenience, so you can quickly open it even when you don’t have auto-load enabled or have loaded another project.

You should keep working in this single copy of the project, rather than saving new versions each time; that will help reduce confusion generally. You can and should save backups of your project; you can tweak the settings in the Backup tab of Tools > Options to your liking and also use File > Back Up > Back Up To… to manually create a backup copy whenever you like. These will be full copies of your project but won’t affect the “Recent Projects” list or auto-loading, and they won’t affect the copy of the project you’re working in. I suggest making the backups as .zip files to help avoid accidentally opening and editing them; I like to use the date stamp, too, which provides another visual difference from the active project.

You might also want to turn on “Show full project path in the title bar” in the General tab of Tools > Options. That will help distinguish which copy of a project is open, if the issue crops up again, which may help to determine what caused the mistake.