Scrivener Not Opening

Today I went to open Scriv and it wouldn’t open.

i even tried to click on a couple of different project files and still it wouldn’t open.

In checking Task Manager Scriv is open but as a background task not an application.

Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t help either.

I’m using Win 10.

Can anyone please help?

Hi Kenny: I took note of your post as I am hoping to upgrade to Win 10 but not if it won’t run Scrivener. Take a look at post titled “New Install Blues”:
The solution provided was to run Scrivener in compatibility mode. Hope this may help.

Fumio, I’ve had Win 10 Tech Preview on my machine for a long while and Scriv worked fine until today. So I know it’s nowt to do with Win 10.

Then again other programs are misbehaving a bit. I don’t think I had an Tech Preview upgrade without me knowing…

Thanks for the information Kenny. I think I will wait until the July release and see how it fares as the summer progresses.