scrivener not outputting section header titles

I’ve upgraded to MMD3 and am using Scrivener 2. I have a separate metadata file at the start of the project with this data

Base Header Level: 2
latex input: mmd-memoir-header
Author: Me
Title: Problems in Modern High Performance Parallel I/O Systems
LaTeX Mode: memoir
BibTex: /Users/rcloud/Documents/bibtex/Ph.D.Research-IOPaperSummer2011
latex input: mmd-memoir-begin-doc
latex footer: mmd-memoir-footer

Scrivener is not outputting any section or header information. Formatting is completely flat when I compile it. It does not seem to be related to the header data because when I include it, it only

I’ve looked at the .tex file and the only thing separating the sections are pagebreaks. There are no \section{} or \subsection{} or anything like that.

It was working, but somehow I seem to have screwed things up. :open_mouth:

Any suggestions?

nevermind, somehow Title had become disabled in File > Compile > Formatting