Scrivener not responding to changing Corkboard options

Hi. I was trying to change the sizing and ratio for my index cards, and when I drag the respective sliders nothing happens. Tried in both grid and freeform corkboards.
Running Version: (1238528) 64-bit

Also, quickly, just wanted to say THANK YOU to the folks at L&L. I had Scrivener 1 and was using the Windows Beta for the last year. Y’all are amazing and provide an incredible product that is affordable for grad students like me. <3

The controls work perfectly here.

What I use, works fine for me. What exactly doesn’t work and what are your trying and can it work? In other words, does the corkboard space have enough room for what you are doing? The ratio refers to the ratio of the individual items. Are cards across on auto? With lots of room, and cards across on auto, size and ratio work for me. I don’t know what “spacing” or keyword chips are. Neither do anything for me, but I can’t imagine what else I might want, so I don’t care. Size to fit editor is greyed out.