Scrivener Not Responding

I installed an update on 9/9 - I hadn’t used Scrivener for a few weeks prior than that. I’ve been in it everyday for the past week and keep getting the message “Not responding” It just freezes up, then will start back. It’s irritating and disruptive. Any insight on what’s going on?

Try changing the auto-save interval in the General tab of Tools > Options from two seconds of inactivity to something a bit higher like eight or ten. The two second default may be causing save to kick in when you haven’t really paused and is preventing you from carrying on work.

If you’ve been working in a large Scrivenings session (with multiple documents loaded together in the editor), try reducing the size of that; likewise if you’ve got a corkboard loaded with a lot of images. Other programs running simultaneously can also be eating up resources and affecting the freezing, so you may want to keep an eye on what else you have open and try closing anything you’re not actively using.