Scrivener "Not Responding"

Whenever I click on Scrivener, the active light in the dock goes on, but the program doesn’t load.

When I try a trick mentioned in the forum (holding alt down to start the program without reloading old documents) the intro window opens, but once I try to create a document, it won’t load.

Both times, when I right click on Scrivener in the dock, I see the Not Responding caption.

It’s never had this problem before – I was thinking of deleting the program and reinstalling, since my documents are separate files and wouldn’t be affected, I think.

What should I do?

Much appreciation in advance. :slight_smile:

I’d do what your instinct is telling you to do - re-install. As you say, your projects are saved separately.

Now it’s just being mean.

I put Scrivener in the trash, reinstalled a new version, and it’s still crashing.

It’s just Scrivener going through this, and I only had three files open when it was last working. What could be wrong?


Restarted the computer itself and all is well now.

Thank you for your suggestion anyway!