I haven’t used Scrivener for a week, and just now I opened it and it threw the pirated crap at me after two months of no problems. Then it wouldn’t accept my reg information.
You people @ scrivener and paddle should own up to this problem and fix it once for all. The program has been working for years with the antivirus on, and now you tell us it’s what’s causing the problem. Yes, I had installed 1.9.13 two months ago and everything was OK. It’s the Paddle nightmare of two months ago all over again. We need a solution, not suggestions.

I too just opened Scrivener and it would not log in. It made me copy my registration and reverted me to trial status. I then had to re-enter my registration code. It’s interesting that it indicated it could not log me in and gave me my registration code right there on the screen then reverted me to trial status. It clearly knew my registration code so why refuse my using the program and revert me to trial. I have had this program for a number of years and never had this issue before. What’s going on here?

Please open a support ticket. It is not possible for us to help with registration issues via the forum because they almost always require non-public personal information.

We are aware of the issue. It appears to be coming from the Paddle registration components, and we are working with them to identify a solution.


Thank you Katherine, I’m glad you know (and everyone knows) it’s a Paddle issue and not a Scrivener issue. The disruption in my workflow is both stressful and costly. I will open a support ticket tomorrow.

This is what I did: I uninstalled version 1.9.13. Then I installed 1.9.9 and it started beautifully. Since the 1.9.13 is strictly a Paddle update and does not improve Scrivener in any way, just ignore it and don’t install it. This is for sure: I will avoid buying any program that’s offered through Paddle.