Scrivener not working on macOS 10.15 Catalina beta.

I wonder whether a response like this would be beneficial to everyone.

We really appreciate the heads-up regarding a problem that might be coming up in the future. Thanks! A post like yours is also valuable to the daredevils who might be using Scrivener in this beta test environment [scared emoji here].

We’ll be keeping an eye on this, and if the problem remains as Apple gets closer to release, we will take care of it.

Now is also a good time to repeat our warning that using Scrivener for anything real while using a beta version of the Mac software is like that knife game where you stab between your fingers really fast. Don’t do it!

A note for fellow thrill seekers.

The beta 2 released today clears the issue I was having. I now can see the text inside the UI elements. Binder and contents look ok.

As always, I still wouldn’t install it on a main system.

Keep us updated with the use of the Betas. Does it get better? Are there any problems?

While I haven’t read all this thread, its title speaks loud and clear. I have been running Catalina since the release of its first public beta (we are now at release no.3) and had zero problems with Scrivener on all my MacOS machines: iMac 27" 5K, MBP 13", MB 12".

Hope this helps

Hello -

I do feel stupid for installing a beta, as I know better, but I really didn’t realize I was doing it. Inattentive, perhaps? California power outages? Beta not stated largely enough? No excuse, I suppose, but it’s done - Catalina 10.15 and yes, Scrivener 3.0 is now legacy software. Oy.

I am prepping a project for NaNoWriMo beginning on 11/1 and so feel especially caught. Yikes. Ready to begin -

Literature and Latte publishing a patch? Sounds unlikely considering the 32 bit to 64 bit jump.

Any tips anyone? Thanks!


Catalina is no longer a beta. (Though some might argue it should be.)

Install Scrivener 3.1.4 for the most current Catalina compatibility fixes.


Does this mean that there will be no patch for Scrivener 2 and I will forced to upgrade to 3 or abandon Scrivener altogether? :open_mouth:

There will be no further updates to Scrivener 2. As it is a 32-bit application, updating it for Catalina compatibility would require a complete rewrite, effectively forcing us to maintain two versions of the program.

You are not “forced” to upgrade to Scrivener 3 unless you choose to install Catalina. We have no control over Apple’s decisions.


I wish I had known this at the time of purchasing. Money down the drain.

Thanks for your quick reply.

The last release of Scrivener 2 was nearly two years ago. At the time we didn’t know that Apple would be ending 32-bit support in 2019. I’m sorry for the confusion.

Note that as a registered user of Scrivener 2, you’re entitled to an upgrade discount for Scrivener 3.


I was just curious if Scrivener 3 is compatible with macOS Catalina now. It’s been about a year since the last post to this thread and I wondered if things have smoothed out with Scrivener 3 working with Catalina. I’ve held off upgrading just because of the past challenges with Scrivener 3 working nicely with the new OS, but other software is requiring the upgrade.

Thanks for the input.

I user Scrivener 3.1.5 all the time, with Catalina 10.15.3, and other than a bug with comments it works well. Is that your question?

Scrivener 3.1.5 with Catalina (10.15.5) here. been working flawlessly for me.