Scrivener not working on macOS 10.15 Catalina beta.

Obviously this is a beta release but I notice that on macOS 10.15 beta Scrivener launches, asks for access to the Documents folder (I say yes) and then kind of hangs without being able to open any documents.

Just a warning to anyone considering upgrading to the beta macOS who needs to run Scrivener.

I have a spare Mac for testing so it’s not a problem.

I am on the Catalina beta too but I have faced no issues with Scrivener.

Catalina is at version 10.15.7 … it came out of Beta a year ago! Are you not meaning BigSur MacOs 11 Beta?

Definitely Catalina, not Big Sur, as my Mac does not support the latter.

10.15.7 is the latest official release right now? Then that must have slipped me. As a beta tester on more than one machine and for more than one software I just update and update obediently.

But 10.15.7 did not come out a year ago. 10.15.0 did.

I do realise that. :slight_smile: But the current version is 10.15.7 which is not a Beta, and if you and/or the OP are still using the Catalina Betas, if that is possible, then all sorts of problems may arise. The OP doesn’t mention which version of Scrivener he is trying to install anyway, because that too is important.



Scrivener 3.1.5 is supported with the current release version of Mac OS Catalina, which is 10.15.7.

No earlier version of Scrivener is supported with Catalina: 3.1.5 includes a number of important compatibility fixes.

Scrivener generally is not supported with any beta version of Mac OS. While we welcome problem reports, we do not recommend using any beta operating system for important work, and if you do so it is entirely at your own risk.