Scrivener not working on macOS 10.15 Catalina beta.

Obviously this is a beta release but I notice that on macOS 10.15 beta Scrivener launches, asks for access to the Documents folder (I say yes) and then kind of hangs without being able to open any documents.

Just a warning to anyone considering upgrading to the beta macOS who needs to run Scrivener.

I have a spare Mac for testing so it’s not a problem.

10.15 has been out of beta for a long time; it’s now at 10.15.7! So how come you’re running a beta … and Scrivener 3.2.2 works perfectly under Catalina. Having to grant it access to your documents folder will be part of the increased sandboxing in 10.15.



Catalina is not out of beta for that long. Every single 10.15.x version came in one or more betas. And this was released two days ago:
[attachment=0]Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-05 um 19.30.04.png[/attachment]
I’m not sure if this really is still a beta or if it is the release version of the security update and the “Public Beta” addition is mistakenly visible for users who were beta testers before.

That I can confirm, even for the beta (or “beta”). So whatever is causing Scrivener to hang on one of your Macs, PHYLIALYN47, it is not just the combination of Scrivener and the latest macOS Catalina version.

Scrivener is not supported with any beta version of Mac OS.

The latest version of Scrivener, 3.2.2, works (as far as we know) with all release versions of Mac OS from 10.12 onward.

So if you’re having an issue, please confirm that you are running both the latest version of Scrivener and the most current non-beta release of whatever version of Mac OS you have. If the problem persists, you can open a support ticket here: