Scrivener & Notebooks (a newbie question)

Ok, allow me to preamble this thread by saying that I am rather new to the world of Mac, so please be gentle with me.

When I came over from the tyranny of Bill Gates I had been using Liquid Story Binder for my story writing needs.

And then… and then… there was Mac! And even better, there was Scrivener!! :mrgreen:

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Here’s what I want to know, good people of Scrivener:

In my work as an interpreter, I really don’t have time to sit in front of a PC, and often my muse comes to me when I am on the go from one patient’s room to the next or when I am waiting for the doctor, so I keep my IPod Touch with me always. I use it as well for scheduling my patients. All around excellent tool. I use an app called Notebooks when I am writing away from my computer on my iPod Touch. Now, I have read through a few of the threads here concerning getting Scrivener to synch with other apps/programs, so I understand that perhaps there is no interface at the moment, but knowing that, and knowing that I am a noob to the world of Mac, what is the cleanest way for me to go from one to the other.

Sorry for the ramblink. :blush:


Actually there is an interface for one iDevice app, WriteRoom. Unfortunately at the moment I think it still points to the wrong server; I’m not sure when the fix for that is scheduled. It basically lets you load your documents in Scrivener and select which ones to import into the Binder with a single click.

Otherwise, a lot of things really don’t need an interface. Copy and paste, Scrivener clipping service, and so on, all work quite efficiently and leave the practical matter of implementation up to the user—as well as the preferred applications for integration.

Actually the Notebooks developer and I have had some correspondence, and are looking for a way to provide some back-and-forth, although with us both busy on current versions and other things it will probably be a while. He seems a really nice guy, and Notebooks is a great app, so it would be good if we are able to do something in the future.
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