Scrivener now compiles as Right and Left Justified no matter what and I can't fix it in Word

I’ve written 4 other books with Scrivener and never had this problem before. I always compile into word and do some final editing, and to do so I need Left-only justified.
But with my most recent book, no matter how I set Scriviener to compile, it always comes out R and L justified. Trying to change it in MS Word doesn’t work. I’ve tried Select All in Word and making it Left only, but it doesn’t do anything (not ideal anyway, since I would need to fix all the chapter headers.) I have tried every setting I can think of in Scrivener. According to the Manuscript: Currier sample text in the Compile menu, it should come out normally/left justification only, but when compiled it is unfixibly justified on both sides.
I found a work-around by opening the docx in Libre Office, then saving it as an odt. file, then opening that with MS Word. Then the formatting comes out ok, and I can rename it and save it as a docx again and go from there.
So I got my manuscript functioning to work on, but there seems to be a buggy interaction with the formatting when going straight from the most recent version of Scrivener to Word 2016.

Yes, unfortunately this has come up before to do with the conversion of Scrivener’s RTF in Word (whether opening an RTF from Scrivener or converting from Scrivener’s native RTF to DOC/DOCX during compile). It should though be fixable within Word just by resaving to the DOCX format (without making any changes to the formatting), so the extra steps with Libre Office shouldn’t be necessary. I’m glad though that you got it working!

Ah ok, thanks for getting back to me. I guess I just got lucky when I did it before (or I somehow forgot, but I feel like I would have remembered going through that heh).

Good to know I can just resave it without going through Libre next time, though.