Scrivener of Corkboard Index Cards (Windows Version)

I’m new to Scrivener, so perhaps I come at this with a fresh set of eyes. Unlike many, what I am using it for (at the moment) is to prepare law notes/cases for my exams.

After going through the tutorial, I started to use the index cards to note subject material, cases, etc and organize the material - perfect!

However I ran into a problem with I tried to “Scrivener” the cards - nothing showed up. It took me a few hours to determine that this wasn’t possible (I hadn’t separated text from index cards -to me they were the same).

It would be nice if you could Scrivener index cards/outline notes.

Could you put all this information into Scrivener documents and do it that way? You could use the index cards for the title of each case and a summary.

In Scrivener for the Mac, there’s a menu command that allows you to append what’s on the index cards to the main text in their corresponding documents. I find it useful. I don’t use Scrivener for Windows; I’m guessing it’s a feature which has yet to reach that version. But the developers have promised feature parity between the Mac and Windows versions - so you’ll get what you want before too long, within limits (the index cards aren’t designed for extensive disquisitions).

P.S. Welcome to Scrivener and its forums, CDB.