Scrivener on a second computer

I’m getting a new laptop to use when I travel later this month. My Scrivener program and my projects are all on my home computer. I’m wondering if there is a way to transfer the necessary information onto my new laptop (when I get it), and then activating Scrivener, etc.
And then, when I get home, transferring files,etc, back to my home computer.

Can this be done? If so, how?

Yes. Your license allows you to install Scrivener on your laptop, and you can install it exactly the same way you did on your desktop, with the same license number. Then just copy the projects you want to take with you via wi-fi or USB key. Nothing to it.

The FAQ addresses this; both getting your settings over, and your projects.

How would you recommend transferring a 5.5 MB PROJECT FILE?
For some reason, it doesn’t seem like i can sent it via e-mail.

create a backup which will compress the file slightly.

more than likely you are just hitting an email size limit imposed (arbitrarily) by a server on one end of the email chain. there is not size limit in rfc spec.

Use a thumb drive or zip the project and use some web space, or Dropbox, or a large file sending tool like DropSend.

Some e-mail programs don’t like OS X packages as they appear as folders. Just zip up the project first and send the .zip file, and that will work; then just unzip it at the other end. That’s why I always ask users to zip projects up before sending them to me for support, because some e-mail programs just won’t do it otherwise.
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When you say zipping the project, do you mean backing it up as a Zip file (i.e. via the File Menu?)

Or just ctrl-click on the file in the Finder and select “Compress ‘filename.scriv’”, then send the .zip file that the Finder creates.

Right, but I want to transfer the whole project as a zipfile. Not just a single file. So it sounds like the way to do it is by “back-up to zipfile.”

? The whole project is contained in the .scriv file. Backup To does nothing more than zip up the current .scriv file. You can use Backup To if you want; it makes no difference. But doing it via the Finder is often quicker. Perhaps you misread “Finder” as “binder”?

Yes, you are quite right (as usual!) I did misread “FInder” for “Binder” – and now I see exactly what you were talking about – and it works, perfectly. Thanks Keith!