Scrivener on a small iPhone

I have been a daily user of Scrivener since the times of Scrivener Gold; I couldn’t imagine my life without Scrivener anymore.

I also have an iPhone, but I didn’t purchase the iOS version as yet. The reason is that in my opinion a compact iPhone like mine (7, with a 4.7" screen) is simply too small for doing anything useful on it with an application like Scrivener. Unfortunately the Apple Store doesn’t offer trial versions; therefore a question to those with experiences in the field: “Am I right, or am I wrong?”

I have an 11 Pro with 5.85inch screen and find it very useable. The 4.7” screen of your 7 should be just fine. You may not write War and Peace on one, but for quick updates it’s good.

I have Scrivener on an iPhone SE which has a 4 inch display (as in: four point zero inches).

Like @NoHope said, I wouldn’t want to write any long texts on it, but it’s perfectly usable when you have that flash of insight that you want to add to your WiP.

OK, then I’ll take the plunge. Thanks!