Scrivener on Android?

Any body have any insight on whether or not Scrivener is achievable on the Android OS?

Yes, it is achievable. Lee has already had a version of it running on an Android device, although that was a port of the full desktop version of Scrivener and therefore not optimised for tablet usage.

The Windows team is looking into a dedicated Android version (also a blackberry version, apparently), but it will be some time after the iOS version as it will be inheriting the same basic design as that interface.

Another interesting question is how Scapple fares on an Android tablet, as it was developed using the Qt cross-platform framework and therefore there is a good chance the team have compiled a version of that already… even if for their own amusement / curiosity.

Interesting… :slight_smile:

I would love to see this :slight_smile:

Well, if you check the “About” in the Scapple beta, you’ll notice that Lee is responsible for both the Windows and the Mobile OS concept this time. Sounds like somethin’ is in the works.