Scrivener on classroom Mac


We’re going to be teaching Scrivener to students on some classroom Macs. They are AD bound so each student has their own logins, but Scrivener registers per login. Is there a way to have a license automatically go across all counts on one machine like this? Thanks for your help.

  • Lap

There is, but it requires that you have enough licences to cover all the Macs (one licence per Mac in a classroom environment). The best thing to do is drop David a line on sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com to sort that out if you need to, after which I’ll be able to help you with the rest.


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Will do. Thanks, Keith!

I’d like to bump this issue. I e-mailed David but still haven’t heard back from him. Any help would be appreciated.

Huh. I sent David the information he needed to send you two days ago. Sorry about that, I think he has a high volume of emails at the moment. I’ll get onto it.

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Yeah, sorry Lap. Got your original email, went through your licence purchasing, then requested details from Keith for the workaround. The response looked like it required some thought! Will hopefully have it digested and reply to you later today. Apologies for the delay.

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No worries. The fix you sent worked like a charm. Thanks a lot!