Scrivener on Desktop and Laptop

Hi, I just downloaded the Beta version for Windows–VERY excited. I’ve got it on my desktop. I see that the license lets me put it on my laptop, too (and on my son’s computer, if he wants it!), but I’m wondering about the back & forth of document/research files between the two computers. Is it just a matter of dragging a file/all the files from the desktop onto the flash drive then onto the laptop–and the computer doing an overwrite? Or is there a specific set of steps I should follow.


Hi Becky,

The back and forth scenario depends a bit on what you want to achieve. If you’re trying to work on the same project on both computers, then you want to move the .scriv package for that project. Best method is probably to keep a local copy on your computer, work on it there, save it off to the flash drive, bring it over to the other computer, move it to the local hard drive, work on it there, etc. In theory you could keep the project just on the flash drive, but if you do you want to bump up the autosave time to something a little higher than the default because Scrivener will be constantly writing to the drive and it will probably both slow things down (minimally, perhaps, depending on how fast your drive is and how large your project) and also just wear out your drive faster. Also if you just zip a copy of the project and then move it to work from your local hard drive you won’t accidentally remove the flash drive before Scrivener’s finished writing and corrupt part of the file.

Another method lots of people use is the network drive or something like Dropbox. Long story for all of that (check the Mac forums–it all applies for the Windows version) but the sum up is: it’s great, but never work straight from the network drive or you risk corrupting the project; just do a zipped backup with a datestamp to the Dropbox folder and then unpack that to somewhere else on your computer to work on it and zip the new one up to Dropbox when you’ve finished.

Additional benefit to doing the zips: backups are good. Make lots of them and put them everywhere. :wink:

Alternatively, and this is probably not what you’re attempting, if you just want to move some Draft or Research documents from one project to another, you can do the drag and drop between projects; it will copy files from one to the other. But that would be working in two separate projects, so useful if you want to use some of the same resources but not helpful if you’re trying to continue working on one manuscript.

Anyway, that’s my sum-up of things; Ioa or someone else may get here to give you better info, but all that will work at any rate, and I imagine the official people are all buried under an avalanche of bugs and tech issues at the moment…

Have fun with Scrivener!


Thanks! This helps–it’s exactly what I was wanting to do–have the app running on both computers, then drag a file to the flash drive and onto the other computer when I need to work on a different one. (Coffeehouse time, you know!) I hadn’t gotten to figuring out that there is a package file, that contains everything. Sounds great.