Scrivener on Fedora 20: possible memory leak, endless loop

I’ve managed to get Scrivener working on Fedora 20. I hacked the script as requested, and installed my second booting script in ~/bin. For whatever reason, the script command still won’t export to $PATH (the script taken from the hack was supposed to do this), but you can’t have everything.

Otherwise, it was gloriously pain free for months.

…Until late yesterday night, when I discovered a killer problem. If I select all the files in a particular document and look at them in sequence, All The Memory I Have goes down a portable hole. This quickly freezes everything without throwing a single error, and the whole works goes down. The only way out is to reboot my machine. This is 3.5 gigs of RAM. Not epic computer wise, but still, quite a lot for this program.

Okay, so it is not a good idea to take several novels worth of text and have it display all at once. Duly noted. But, with the bootstrapped scripts that boot scrivener to begin with, I can’t figure out how to give scrivener flags on boot. That is, I don’t know how to convince scrivener to boot from scratch instead of remembering state-- so I can’t bring it up without immediately freezing and crashing my computer.

Unless I find a way around this problem, my scrivener linux experiment is now a doorstop. Help a linux girl out… I don’t want to eat crow and be forced to install Windows on my laptop just so I can continue to write for a living.

Okay. Turns out the world has not ended yet. This leak (if that’s what it is) is dependent on other things. I booted it again, hoping that passing a long a -h flag would tell me which flag would boot scrivener without preloading any scrivener documents. Instead, it launched in state. Lo, my machine did not crash, because I was not using Chrome. Looking at htop, it was eating only about 1 Gig of ram instead of 3 on it’s own. (Which is what happened every time the whole works crashed.)

That picture changed somewhat, but not fatally once I booted Chrome to post this comment. Memory use only doubled, not tripled, so it’s a bit slow but not in need of rebooting. INterestingly the graphics heavy “3x5 card table” mode is a lot easier on the memory than scrolling reader cued up with every text file this document has.

Moral to the story: if you edit this document and need all the text in sequence, do NOT have the browser running. I hope my ranting histrionics actually help someone in the future. :confused: