Scrivener on Flash Drive

I know that there is limited (read: none at all, really) support for installing Scrivener on a flash drive at the moment, but I’m wanting to do so anyway. The manual says to just copy the Scrivener folder over to the drive from the C:\Program Files folder and you’re good to work.

I did that, and it opens on my work computer, but it gives me a trial notice of 30 days to use it. Is that length of time determined by the computer that I plug the flash drive into, or on the flash drive itself? For instance, at the end of the 30 days, if I delete the Scrivener folder from my flash drive and re-copy it from C:, does it reset the clock? Or is it 30 days on my work computer, regardless?

Is there a way to get rid of the countdown altogether? Or, is this something that’s tied to the registry, and so I can’t copy it to the flash drive?

I should add that I don’t have admin rights on my work computer, so I can’t just install Scrivener to it.

re-enter your registration credentials on the system you are running scriv via flash. That will save the needed data in your user directory (does not need admin if I recall correctly).

If you copied it to Program Files, then you’ve effectively installed it already. You just need to input your license information and you’re good to go. I don’t have admin rights on my work computer, so I just ran the installer and pointed it to a non-standard space I have rights to.

You can use your license on multiple computers according to the license, btw… … e-computer.

Thanks guys, I was just coming back on here to say that I figured out that I could type in the registration information and it seems to work.