Scrivener on High Resolution Display

I received a new Yoga laptop today with an Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) 15" display. I promptly installed Scrivener, but was disappointed to see that it does not well support such a high resolution display. With the default Windows DPI scaling of 250%, which is necessary for anything to be useable, Scrivener is extremely blurry, including the text, to the point that it almost hurts to look at and thus makes writing with it nearly impossible. If I disable DPI scaling in the compatibility settings, then the GUI scales down so that it is basically unusable.
Is there any obvious fix that I am missing for this, or any hope that Scrivener will better support a high resolution display very soon as they are becoming more common? Scrivener is an incredibly awesome program that I have used for so many purposes, so I would hate to be unable to use it due to having a newer computer, as it is currently unacceptable for high resolution in either mode?
Thank you and Merry Christmas! :smiley:

I’m looking for a fix for the same problem on 13" HP Spectre x360 - it would be great to have support for this in future updates.

I’ve dealing with the same issue. The new line of macs didn’t do anything for me so when I found a deal on a Yoga 910 I bought it without a second thought. I’ve had it for a month and hardly use it because scrivener looks dreadful. There are a few different “fixes” floating around the forum. I’ve tried them and none of them help enough.

I know KB and the rest of the staff don’t like talking about what’s in the works. But, it would really help those of us who love scrivener and have a high resolution display to have some idea about when we can expect a better experience.

Hey everone, I had similar issues with my Hi-Res screen. I found a solution! It has to do with Windows scaling, there’s a tutorial here: … plays.html and then set the exception on Scrivener (instructions on the page I linked to). It’s completely clear for me now which is very exciting :slight_smile:

I have tried some variation of all of those. I can either have clear text or icons of size that human eyes can see them. I can’t get both. Since I use the icons all the time (especially the ones in the binder) it’s very important to me that I can interact with them comfortably.

I don’t expect any of the staff to give a release date or anything official. However, it would be really nice to know if an update (or more likely new version of Scrivener) that addresses these issues is coming summer, fall, or winter 2017 or it it isn’t expected until much later. Right now I can’t use my primary writing program on the new computer so I need to figure something out. Some information from the staff would be great because then I’d know if I should hold on for a little bit or start looking at other programs.

I could not agree more. Therefore I am also looking very much forward to getting some information on this crucial subcjet soon.

Thank you very much!

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It’s not a new problem.

Per Scrivener Support: