Scrivener on IOS Crashing repeatedly

IN the last week or so I have found Scrivener on my iPad air 2 crashing repeatedly as soon as it is launched. Deleting Scrivener, then download it afresh and resetting my Dropbox sync details works for a few hours. The next day it is again crashing and I have to repeat the process.

Once I have reset the dropbox sync and re-synced I can use it fine but a few hours later or the next day it seems to go awry again and starts crashing within milliseconds of being started. Any thoughts?

Thanks, Richard

Best we can tell it is a problem deeper than Scrivener, somewhere in the Dropbox code itself, which makes it difficult to troubleshoot and likely impossible to fix. Hopefully it will vanish once the Dropbox APIs are updated next year.

If you manage to pin down any specific sequence of actions that can lead to it occurring, that would be fantastic. Even if it is a deeper problem, sometimes you can get around those by using slightly different techniques in the code.

Sorry for the inconvenience in the meanwhile.

Hi Richard, Just curious, what version of iOS are you using?

I’ve not had this problem, but maybe you could try a sort of regression test:

First, make sure Scrivener iOS is closed, then move all of your Scrivener files out of the folder which Scivener iOS links to. Start a new project from scratch. Try playing around with this. Does it still crash. If not, then you know that Scrivener is choking on one of your projects. Assuming you have multiple projects, move them one by one back into the active folder so that Scivener iOS sees them. Make sure the software is closed before doing so. Restart Scrivener iOS and sync. Test out the new project. If you can narrow things down to one project, maybe that will help the coders figure out what’s going on and debug things.

Just a suggestion. With cryptic problems like this, you really have to take things one methodical step after the next. The problem often reveals itself when you do so.

Good luck.

I am using IOS 10.0.2

I think I may have found the answer - somehow the folder on my mac, containing the files to upload to dropbox contained a scrivener prefs file. Not sure how it go there but having removed it everything seems okay and that 24 hours after removing the prefs file. Fingers all crossed.

Many thanks for all those who were up for helping me with this one.

Regards, Richard

Thanks for the update. When you say a Scrivener prefs file, which do you mean in particular? The .prefs file you can get from exporting Preferences via the Manage button, or some other file?

AmberV hi,

I’m really not sure how it got there. Anyhow I deleted it, rebooted Scrivener which seems to be working fine. I also on the iPad cleared the Scrivener settings etc and re-downloaded it. Now all seems to be well and I’m on my third day with no glitches. Fingers crossed and very many thanks to all those who came up with suggestions for fixing the issue. :smiley:

Strange indeed. Well, glad to hear you got it sorted out!

Oh, was it a “presets.plist” or “styles.plist” file by any chance? If you exported your formatting presets to iOS at any point, that would explain the presence of that file—and indeed problems inside that file could cause Scrivener to crash on load, too. You could try making a fresh copy from your Mac and see if works better.

This didn’t fix it for me, I deleted everything in my Scrivener Dropbox folder and started from a scratch install as well. Every time I opened Scrivener it immediately crashed but would stay open in the background of my iPad Pro running the latest IOS (10.1.1 14B100), latest Scrivener and Dropbox as well. I agree that this has something to do with the sync to Dropbox however I got around it by disabling all wireless/cellular (airplane mode) so Scrivener wouldn’t attempt to sync. The program is usable at this point though not optimal. This led me to do a bit more tinkering and if you set Scrivener to not automatically detect changes (in settings–>scrivener–>syncing & sharing–>auto-detect changes–>toggle switch off) you can still manually sync content from within Scrivener to dropbox successfully with the added benefit of not crashing either. I’m not sure whether this is a Dropbox API issue (since I can’t verify if there’s a difference in which API calls are used in a manual sync vs an “auto detect” sync, but this stabilized my issues with only the minor annoyance of having to manually tell Scrivener to push files to Dropbox. YMMV. Good luck, this at least got me my Scrivener back!

Thanks, that’s something I haven’t tried. If I see it happen again on my devices I’ll try that method of setting things to manual to see if the same pattern repeats twice. Part of the problem with this one is that it doesn’t happen everywhere all of the time.

Just to confirm that I had the same issue on both my iPad Pro and my iPhone 6S+, with immediate crashes upon start (latest iOS on both).
What @Scythian said about not detecting changes automatically and turning off that setting in…umm…settings, fixed it for me too. Thanks. It would be good if we could turn it back on though.

I’m tutoring a fellow on Scrivener iOS and he was running into this problem. Disabling the auto-update worked for us.

AmberV, if you have any updates on when that Dropbox API update rolls on through, please do let us know. It’ll be nice to turn that button back on and see if it works.

Fingers crossed mine stays safe!! :laughing:

Unless we have to put out a maintenance update on short order, it should be in the next one, as usual there will be a change log with information on the update that you can check. Again I can’t really promise it will fix anything, and it may even be fair to say it is unlikely it will—the API fix is mostly just how we “talk” with the server, not so much what happens in terms of data—but there is always hope. :slight_smile: