Scrivener on ipad closing immediately

Hi, when i click on scrivener, the app opens and immediately closes. I do not have an option to do anything. Any possibilty of getting a refund?

You can always request a refund directly via the AppStore.

But have you tried contacting L&L support, Contact Us | Literature and Latte

It is now working, thanks. Not sure why it was not? How do I contact L&L? I thought this was the way to contact them. Sorry, if it is not.

Glad to hear it’s working.

Click on the “Contact Us” link I posted above to get to the contact page. This forum is perfectly fine for most questions, but things related to purchasing or the license are best handled with them directly.

Thanks very much for the speedy response. I do appreciate that.

A tip – I’ve never had Scrivener close like that, but sometimes other apps have. Actually there are two thiings that can help. IPadOS is very good, but not perfect, and these will help reset and recover the fast memory, which is likely the problem.

  • most often, it’s only necessary to power off the iPad fully, and start it again. This doesn’t take long. How to do it you can look up with Apple or many sites, as it depends on your model, whether you have a central button, or buttons on the side. Understand that this is not just turning the iPad ‘off’ – it’s the power off/power up that clears memory, if this is invisible to you. It works.

  • the other thing, particularly if you’re on an iPad with less memory, can be to clear the browser cache. This won’t hurt anything; just maybe give a bit more of a pause then you usually see, the first time you go back to pages you often use. To do it, open Settings, then find Safare – it’s not far down the list. Open Safari in Settings, then scroll all the way to the botttom where it says Advanced. In Advanceed, open Website Data. This may take a few moments, but then you’ll see the beginning of a listof sites you’ve visited.
    Scroll to the bottom of that; it won’t be ffar. You’ll see red letters: Remove All Website Data. Tap that, then tap Remove on the warning it gives you. Done, and you can go back to using your iPad normally, where it will probably run a little easier.

These are both safe, and you can do them whenever you need to. Good fortune, and now here to get the rest!

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Thanks for the suggestion. I have an M2 iPad Pro (16 GB RAM) and 1TB storage. So, that was not the problem. I think the Dropbox app needed to be updated and that was the reason for the error. I did not get the error message telling me that that was the problem, but when I updated Drobox, the issue stopped. So, I am assuming that was the problem.

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Fine enough – and still holds with your version of iPad. I see these things occur from time to time on an iPad Air 4 with 256GB, which is a pretty comparable machine actually, as far as the technical issues behind this situation.

I can say Apple system updates tend to clean up such problems over time as they are delivered-- haven’t seen any in quite a while.

It’s just a reminder that software is a very human task, whose best feature these days is that it also allows humans to readily make a natural flow of improving awareness and adjustments.

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