Scrivener on iPad mini

I write almost completely on my iPad Mini 5. I’ve written four complete novels on the device and it works well for me. This year, for NaNoWriMo I switched from Google Docs to Scrivener.
Now that I have more time, and I’m more used to Scrivener, I’m starting a new project with a more thoughtful approach.
That said, there are only a few things I would like to see in iPad Scrivener. I would like an easier to find word count, and some document statistics, rather than compiling the thing and seeing the count there.
Another thing I would like is project templates. That’s really the only thing for which I needed a desktop version of Scrivener. You don’t need to provide them with the app, but just host them on your web site and have the app display the templates from there and download the selected one when a project is created.
And, finally, I would love the name generator! Even if you host the database of names on your site and use a REST call from the app to pull back the list, I would absolutely love that.

Finally, I love the product, it was easy to use for NaNo, and I’m finding it very helpful for my next project. Please thank the dev team.

On iPad, if you’re in a document, you’ll see either at the top or the bottom the word count “134 words” or similar. Tap this to see the word count of your project.

I don’t know the development team, nor anyone else at Literature & Latte. My understanding is that they hired more than one programmer who failed to produce any iOS Scrivener at all, then the founder took over and did it himself. He clearly didn’t want to do it himself, but eventually, he did. He wrote the Mac version by himself as well. (Or pretty much so? I wasn’t there.) If he says getting those features on iOS is impossible (or more work than they want to do?), he has earned the right to make that call. Judging by how hard it apparently was to get close (but no cigar quite yet) on Windows, I think he knows what he’s talking about.

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thanks @nickjbedford that’s awesome!