Scrivener on iPad (yawn) - no but really....

I was wondering, has anyone managed to set up an iPad as a wireless touchscreen monitor for a mac or a PC?

I’d love to see that in action if it’s possible - To use Scrivener on my laptop, but to have the ipad beside me as a second monitor and touchscreen input. I could use the laptop for fullscreen and the keyboard (and the processing power) and the iPad for the binder, corkboard etc.

Anyone have any idea if this is possible, or indeed prepared to try it if they have the necessary hardware?

An iPad app called Air Display will mirror computer display on an iPad, and vice-versa, and the latest version provides “keyboard support for iOS devices,” but that doesn’t mean you can edit Scrivener files on an iPad. It works on Lion, but not on older Macs, so buyer beware. The reviews on the App Store are quite mixed. I keep it around, but rarely use it.

Air Display claims to work with Snow Leopard. My results in limited tests have been mixed at best.


How about a wired option?

I love to use my iPad to edit and revise my books, but I hate that I have to export them as RTFs, which makes it impossible to properly re-import them into the Scrivener project after the revisions are done.

With Air Display, would it be possible to put my Mac’s Scrivener screen on the iPad and then beginning to write and edit my files from the iPad, or is that wishful thinking?

Go with LogMeIn Ignition. … 16801?mt=8
It’s fluid, simple and very fast over wifi. Not only can you control Scrivener, but also any app as if you were sitting in front of your Mac or pc. Buy the app once and then you can install the free client on all your Mac’s and PC’s.

It’s $30 and the user reviews so far are not encouraging.
It claims to be a remote desktop. Does it really work when one is miles away?

Yep, $30 is pricey but you really do get what you pay for with this app. I’ve used it for the past 2 years on my iPhone 4. I have nearly 30 computers I monitor for family and friends, not to mention my own. Not sure what you’re referring to on the ratings but it’s sitting at 4.5 our of 5 stars. Next to Dropbox, it would absolutely be one of my top (must have) apps.

This review in the Wall Street Journal has a caveat: mouse control is clumsy and not always accurate. … 73424.html