Scrivener on iPhone 6s Plus advantages?

Curious: As I have an iPhone 6 and am considering getting a plus sized model when the 7 comes out, are there any advantages to using Scrivener on an iPhone 6/7 Plus? Or do the only iOS differences in Scrivener exist between the iPhone and iPad?



There’s this post, which shows that you can have a binder and an editor side-by-side in landscape mode on a Plus…


Very cool. Thanks for sharing the link. Apologies for duplicating the thread, as it didn’t show during my initial search.

As many people mentioned in the link you sent I, too, will be getting a plus-sized iPhone for my next upgrade thanks to Scrivener. :smiley:

It’s great, esp. with Bluetooth keyboard and a case that allows you to prop the phone in landscape mode. (Pre-Scrivener for iOS) I found myself in a conference a few months back where my laptop was being used by all the presenters to play their presentations, so I had to take notes on my iPhone and it was a terrific combo.

I’ve actually been researching keyboards per this discussion. The prop-up function seems to be key, but I haven’t seen any keyboards that do this that are cool. I’ve also considered cases that can prop up the phone so I could purchase a better keyboard.

Do you have any recommendations in this regard?

I use the 12 South wallet case, which I’ve been using since iPhone 4, but it may not be your thing if you don’t want the phone and wallet in a single unit. It lets you partly unclip the phone and prop it up.

And I use the Microsoft folding Bluetooth keyboard. It’s tiny and can remember multiple devices so I can switch from iPad to iPhone usage easily. The gap where it folds takes a bit of getting used to, but I haven’t found it to be an issue in the long run.


The ThinkOutside stowaway keyboard (also branded as the iGo stowaway) is the best solution I’ve come across for writing on an iPhone. It’s hardly bigger than the 6+ when it’s folded up. When unfolded, it has full-sized keys with good travel and an integrated (and removable) stand that can hold the iPhone in portrait mode as well as landscape. It is missing the number row, instead opting for green and blue function keys that turn the Q-P row into numbers or symbols. A little wonky, but with practice I actually prefer having just the alphabetic keys when I’m writing.

The downsides are that it was made over a decade ago, back in the PDA days, so all the function keys do nothing on iOS. (If anyone knows how to remap keys on old keyboards, you would be my savior.) Additionally, it’s second-generation bluetooth. It synchs fine and wakes up readily, but unlike modern bluetooth it doesn’t stay connected at low power levels. It is more like an auto-lock on the phone, where if you don’t type anything on it for a little bit it will power down. Any keystroke will wake it up and reconnect with the iPhone.

It’s not perfect, but it feels amazing to type on and it folds up to fit in the same pocket as your iPhone. If I want to get out of the studio and do some writing at the bar, the whole setup fits in my back pocket and takes up no room on the table. It goes everywhere I do, and allows me to do some productive work whenever I have some time.