Scrivener on Kindle Fire?

I don’t know if it has been already done with the IOS version or not but is there a version of Scrivener that works on things like the Kindle Fire tablet? Or a plan to one day create such a version?

Let me answer you this: Scrivener for IOS just got released only one week ago, Kindle fire tablet use a fork of Android system which it’s a slightly different version from the usual OS called “Android”.

So, for the moment, Scrivener for Android haven’t yet started. In fact, they’re currently praparing the development of scrivener 3 for Mac, Windows and perhaps Linux version. So, scrivener for android is still too early to be available.

I hope that I correctely answer you. :slight_smile:

Still, some of us are patiently waiting for the Kindle version.

Yes. I didn’t know if the Android version (which I gather is still developing) would work with Kindle Fire or not. Wouldn’t want to buy something then find out it isn’t compatible certainly. I wasn’t aware there were so many differences between straight Android and the version used on Kindle Fires. I agree with rubberbat though that some of us will be happy should there be a Kindle version in the future. The Kindle Fire is small enough and lite enough to be easily portable so having the ability to work on something in Scrivener on such a smaller tablet would be ideal. :slight_smile:

No, from what I have read in here I don’t think there is anyone developing an Android version. So it is not “still developing”, as the development has never started.

I thought Ios was Android. Misunderstanding on my part I guess.

There are two major operating systems for smarphones and tablets: iOS and Android.

Correct. Any future work on an Android version would, as I understand it, be based off the forthcoming 3.x branch of Scrivener for Windows (as they are using the Qt5 framework which makes the cross-platform development much easier).

The 3.x branch of Scrivener for Windows is still in process and we have not heard any hard dates (or even soft) on when that will be arriving other than “when it’s ready” and “probably several months after the 3.x branch of Scrivener for Mac.”

(For those upset by that delay, understand that while 3.x is a massive re-write in many ways and intuition might say that’s a level-set that erases the years of head start the Mac currently enjoys, 3.x for Mac still gets to take advantage of underlying capabilities in Mac OS that aren’t there in Windows. Qt5 helps fill some of that gap, but there are going to be many pieces that they still have to fill in from scratch. They’re also working off of what Keith is doing with the Mac version – if he goes down a design path and decides the way he’s specced it is wrong and needs to be changed, the Windows devs necessarily lag behind. For a major project like this that doesn’t share a single common codebase – the Windows project is a parallel port/re-implementation – a few months gap is pretty stellar.)

this is basically what i said in the first reply the other day. it’s also exactly what Devinganger is saying about the scrivener devellopment since it’s too early for an android version. they still need to work on the third version of scrivener before to adapt them to android version or even linux version.

Just a thought, for those thinking about the Fire.

If it’s the 7", the spec doesn’t really support being much more than a very basic consumption device.

If it’s the 8" 16GB Fire, for approx GBP20 more, you can get a refurb (as new) iPad Mini 2, much higher spec (and no adds), full new product warranty and be writing now, rather than PERHAPS being able to write on a Fire in a year or two (just my wild guess on Android Scrivener availability) , IF the Android version works on the Amazon fork of Android (aparently many apps don’t).

While I use an iPad Pro 12.9 as my main device, I do have a refurb 32GB iPad Mini 2 that does work a treat. (and you can get all your Amazon Prime content on it - at least all I’ve tried)

Some people aren’t willing to purchase anything iOS-related, though. If someone gave me one for free I might use an iPad, but I’m never going to go in search of one. I realize that leaves me fewer options for some tasks, but I can live with that.

And that is your/their right, though could never understand that thought process.

I don’t particularly like MS as a company, and many of their products for their poor security and MS’s, unsavoury bully tactics in the past (I remember DRDOS, OS/2, WP and other victims), likewise Google for their trampling of customer privacy and lack of security, and Samsung for shoddy treatment of staff with cancer from chemical exposure, plus go ask Dyson, Pioneer, TSMC, and yes Apple about stolen tech. There’s always some way to justify a dislike of any particular company.

I always ask the question, what is the best, most productive solution at this time, and the immediate future? I’m not about to let my (petty?) dislikes get in the way of productivity.

At this moment, and likely for some time, in mobile for writing iOS is the way.

My post wasn’t an attempt to ‘convert’ the ‘anti anything Apple brigade’, just pointing out for those looking at the cost issue, there is currently a reasonable alternative to a wait that may or may not result in a version that works on that particular device (Fire).

Though unashamedly a fan of Apple tech and solutions, my kit includes Mac, Windows (7 and 10), iOS and Samsung (Android).

Apple doesn’t do what I want it to do. That doesn’t make my dislike of it petty. If I can do what I want with another type of device, I’ll use that device. Apple devices have never done what I need them to do. When they decide to change their business model, I might give them another look.

… which in essence means that you won’t be able to use mobile Scrivener, because it won’t be available for other mobile platforms in the foreseeable future. I respect your decision, in the same way that I expect you to respect L&L’s decision to only having an iOS version of Scrivener. Each and everyone has to live with the consequences of their own decisions.

Apple devices don’t do what you want them to do, or Apple as a company doesn’t? You start off with Apple devices have never done… then go on to wanting Apple to change their business model. (free/cheap ad supported products, buy one get one free???)

If you want to write, then all of Apple’s products do what anyone could want to do with class, and great companies like L&L make incredible apps/programs to achieve the best. (Scrivener on Win is also great and about to get greater)

As I alluded in my first post, anyone looking for a reason to dislike any company (MS, Apple, Google, Facebook, Samsung…) can find one. Personally I prefer secure products, tech support, and no invasion of privacy, but it doesn’t stop me from using Google and Facebook (though being very careful just what info I trust to them), and I even use Win with proper 3rd party security.

As I also said in my post I wasn’t trying to convert the ‘anti anything Apple’ brigade, however pointed out for those talking about the Fire, there was a present day alternative. If any asking about Fire are in the AAAB and are happy to wait, they might be better served looking at a standard Android device, (don’t know if any of the reputable mfrs offer refurb product) more chance of a viable experience when Android Scrivener eventually arrives.

Meanwhile, books to write…

I’ve never said I didn’t respect any of L&L’s decisions, and I resent the implication that I haven’t. I’ve never been one to foam at the mouth for a mobile version as I do my writing on my laptop and desktop computers. Doing much writing on mobile isn’t something I really enjoy much. But I understand that there are other people that do enjoy it. If they make one for Android, I’ll be happy to check it out and I’ll be the first in line asking to beta test.

Never mind. You like what you like, I like what I like. I won’t tell you how to live your life, you don’t tell me how to live my life.

Unless I’ve missed it, you’ve never specified what Apple doesn’t do that you desire. What is it?

Before I edited my most recent post, I had a long explanation of what I don’t like about them. I realized after posting it that I didn’t feel like having to justify my dislike of a particular brand. So, like I now say in that post, like what you want and I’ll like what I want. I won’t tell you what to like and I don’t expect you to tell me what to like.


No one’s trying tell you what to like.

However, for those open to it, there remains a comparibly priced, higher specification, quality product available today for iOS Scrivener (as opposed to some possible future alternative), which was the point of my original post.