Scrivener on Leopard

Me like.

I agree with Jan. The new toolbar is too dark; the present one is much better.

Heh. that’s good to know about the typewriter thingy. I was just about to post a wish list item about it. I love the typewriter scrolling, but only in full screen mode. It’s a bit disorienting when I’m looking at the text in non-full screen mode.

You can have it set differently for the two different views. To have it off in “normal” windowed view: Preferences > Text Editing uncheck Typewriter scrolling. To have it on in full screen: Preferences > Full Screen and check typewriter scrolling. This is exactly how I have it set up. I do my writing in full screen (where I love the typewriter scrolling) and my editing in windowed view (where the typewriter scrolling can be quite jarring as I make edits to different parts of the text).

I have to say I like the new Leopard look. And to join the speculation about the typewriter icon: it could be a feature that keeps you from editing as you write, you know, where you can type but not delete or edit, just write. I can see how that might be useful for people like myself who spend hours polishing one paragraph rather than move on to the next dreaded sentence. (Is this what AmberV meant when he said “Blockwriter integration”?) Would be nice.

I can’t wait to get Leopard. I’m already liking Safari 3.0 where I can resize this window.




You are one of the few lucky ones, according to TUAW. Many folks are having huge trouble with the beta. I tried to install it on both a PPC and Intel machine, and each time the installer said the volume was not sufficiently prepared, with no other explanation. I’ve never seen Apple release such a load. … ri-3-beta/

No problem for me.


I prefer the new darker toolbar, personally.

As for the Typewriter icon - my bad, that is a screenshot of the latest Scrivener version which is not a beta yet. Typewriter scrolling is now an option in the Text menu rather than in the Preferences, as I decided that I liked switching between it in the main editor more easily (as several users have suggested). Obviously you can have a separate setting for full screen still, but also for your different editors, too.

As for the darker toolbar - read my first post. Honestly, you’ll get used to it. I didn’t like it at first, but now I love it. And, of course, “blame nat me” - as you can see from the Apple website, this is the new Leopard interface. I did nothing to the toolbar.


Sigh, all of my typewriter emulator dreams smashed. :wink:

Sigh and mine …

Oh, well. I could just remove the delete key from my keyboard and unplug the mouse, I guess. :wink:


Or…just keep typing and don’t go back to make any revisions…

Discipline! :wink:

Ahem. “Blameth nat me”…?


Steve (Chaucerian smart-ass)

I believe that’s flameth nat me.

Tim (cyberian smart-ass)

Hmmm. Not sure. Might be some sort of subjunctive form (as in “I pray you blame nat me”) rather than an imperative?

Siren (grammarian smart-ass who has never read any Chaucer) :slight_smile:

I can’t believe I just posted that. What sort of weirdo forum degenerates into discussion of Chaucerian grammar??? :slight_smile:

This one.


Why not? :smiley:

Here’s the full quote: “Blameth nat me if that ye chese amys.” It’s what the host says to the contestants on Deal or No Deal .

Well, I never did finish my PhD in med. lit. So shooteth me.