Scrivener on Linux: official release?

hello to everyone,

I’m a PhD student and I’d just like to say how important has Scrivener become for my academic writings.
I sincerely hope there will be an official release for Linux (that’s what I’m using), as I’d be more than willing to pay for this amazing piece of software.
keep up the good work.

Ditto. Have been wondering this myself, ever since I learned that people were packaging native Linux builds.

I’d been hoping for something like Scrivener on Linux for years, and would gladly pay for another license if this was ever officially released (I already own a license for the Mac version on my wife’s computer—she’s a PhD student too).

And we’re not alone. Do a Google search for “Scrivener Linux”. Surely there are enough of us out there to pay for the additional work it’d take…

As I said in another post, according to the stats at, about 4.5% of web browsers detected by them are on Linux Oses. So a very rough guess would be 65 million Linux users. That’s got to be comparable with Mac users?

I’m sure many of these would pay for Scrivener (I certainly would) so I makes good business sense to do a Linux release. I’ve been a software engineer so I have a good idea what it takes to modify the code to run on Linux (and Unix). I’ve done this many times in the past. I think the financial gain outweighs the work it would take.

I wonder at the proportion of Linux users willing to pay for software. Most Linux distributions are free, and have repositories full of free software–they’re used to having everything on their computer free of charge. There are some for-pay Linux applications, but they are the exception, rather than the rule. On the other hand, Mac users are much more accustomed to paying for software–most of the time, for things that would be free on Linux.

I don’t doubt that there would be some users willing to pay for Scrivener, but I think the percentage would be lower than on Mac or Windows. Quantifying the number of users is difficult, but for what it’s worth, w3schools says Linux is at 5%, Mac at 7.8%.

I agree with all the above, but I think Scrivener would do better than most “pay for” software on the Linux market. Why? Because there is nothing else that does what Scrivener does for free. Scrivener is raved about all over the internet when you do a search for writer’s software (not word processors), so much so I think it would sell quite well.

I may have misunderstood, but I’d gotten the impression that a license for the official Windows version would cover the unofficial Linux release.

That said, if the Linux version were a separate license, I’d gladly pay for it, even though the Windows version runs in Wine. (Of course, I only use Windows or OS X under duress.) I’ve tried replacing it with other software, both paid and free, but nothing has come close. I, in fact, resorted to hackintoshing–both as a dual-boot and as a VM–for the sole purpose of running Scrivener.


I’m a Linux user that some time ago came upon Scrivener and thought “Damm it, why is it only for Mac? I’d even get one of those fancy white computers with an apple just to use this program!”. Well, finally I didn’t, but the wish to have something like Scrivener in Linux remained.

So… I have just read at OMG! Ubuntu that there is an official ¿native? beta release.

I’m both enthusiastic and puzzled about it:

Is it an official development branch of Scrivener?
Why is the download link almost hidden in the scrivenerforwindows page, instead of having its own page? Why isn’t it mentioned in any other place on the web (except of this forum)?
Is the development tied to the windows version, or is it independent, with possibly slower update rate, etc.?

And as I’ve already had some crashes… Is there an official way to report bugs? This forum?

Sorry for so many questions, but it’s a bit strange to see such an important version released in (almost) secrecy. Don’t you think publishing it and spreading the word will help Scrivener developers to get a more accurate feel of the linux community reactions?

Anyway, for me it’s great news, I’ll be eagerly testing every beta release and hoping to see something usable soon :slight_smile:

Ok, now I’ve found this bulletin where everything is a bit more explained:

This solves most of my previous questions :slight_smile:

I am one of those linux users who got his operating system and most of his software for free, and I am excited about paying for a stable, linux version of Scrivener. The free software movement is amazing, but I have no problem with people wanting to get paid for what they do, and Scrivener (in my brief acquaintance with it) has proven to be a delightful writing tool. I’ve already set aside my $40-odd bucks for this program.

Another Linux user who uses mostly free software who would happily pay for an official Linux version of Scrivener. I hope that enough of us will come forward and speak up so that the Developers know we are out there and that they listen to us.

Put me on the list.

Linux had been my primary OS for 7 years, and although, I have a Windows partition for testing purposes, I DO NOT want to work in it.

I’ve pretty much decided to wait for the Scrivener decision: if they put out a Linux port, I’ll buy it. If they don’t, I’ll go with Celtx (which is open source, but I would buy the add-on packs for writers - 10 bucks).

For political reasons only, I won’t buy windows products that require Wine – nothing against Wine, though. :neutral_face:


I’m new here. I read an article about “Scrivener on Ubuntu” yesterday and then I decided to give it a try. And I must say, it’s amazing. This is exactly what I’m looking for. When you release the final version I’ll buy a license.

Great job! :smiley: