Scrivener on Linux via Crossover Office 15, working great!

Just a note to say I just revisited Scrivener on Linux, by installing the latest Codeweavers Crossover Office 15 for Linux. I was amazed how well it installed (this is on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) and works really well so far.

I recently bought an old Lenovo Thinkpad T500 and installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on it. EVERYTHING worked, all hardware detected, even the hardware buttons for volume, brightness, even the keyboard light.

I have a Mac desktop with a Mac license to Scrivener, and also have a Windows license (no Windows machine right now - gave up on Windows 10) so I’m using the Windows license on my Linux laptop.

Strangely, the Crossover website seems to think the compatibility is “unknown” with Scrivener. When I went to install it, it was on the regular list with “everything works” under the description and five stars. And so far at least, I can confirm it works really well.

I’ve used the Linux beta in the past myself. I was disappointed to hear development was being halted, but I understand. I’d rather have that shiny new iOS version for my iPad :wink:

Just wanted others to know that this might be the long-term path for Scrivener on Linux.

For those not familiar, Crossover is an advanced, company-supported version of WINE. So the changes DO get ported to WINE, but it takes time. And Crossover packages everything up and makes it dead simple to install Windows programs, where with WINE you are more on your own. I can do that, and have, but for those that can’t or don’t want to, Crossover is a good alternative. :smiley:


For a while I was using an earlier version of Crossover to be able to run the Windows version of Scrivener on my Mac. Although that sounds weird, it was because of collaborating with a Windows-using friend in China and when we started there was a coding problem with Chinese between the Mac and Windows versions. That went away after a while, but I still have Crossover on my MacBook Air—currently version 15.1. I can confirm that installing Scrivener on it has always been straightforward, with one proviso that you use a Windows XP bottle. I haven’t managed to get it to co-operate with the Mac file system using a Windows 7 or 8 bottle … I know nothing about Windows 10.

However, I hardly use it now and don’t think it’s worth my while continuing with it. I’m more concerned with trying to get my collaborator(s) onto iOS Scrivener when it’s out … but there there’s a problem with Dropbox being blocked.


The difficulty I see with Codeweavers is mainly philosophical. It is SAAS, Software as a Service. In other words, the most you can do is buy a year’s rental. You never own it and it becomes an on-going cost.
I know everything else is trending in that direction and I do understand why software companies are moving that way but for the moment I remain philosophically opposed.

I had neither the knowhow, nor the time nor the inclination to acquire the knowledge how to do the whole thing under WINE myself, so philosophical considerations were not an issue. I needed to get on with working on the project with my collaborator by the easiest way possible.

And of course, for other software, like Scrivener, in a true philosophical sense, you don’t ‘own it’, you have purchased a licence to use it … all that is different is the fact that you don’t have to pay to renew that licence every year. So only if you go for free software are you not paying for the use of the software.

But, I agree with you, we must weigh up cost in terms of payment method against cost in terms of our own time and energy in using an install-it-yourself system and subsequent troubleshooting. As Linux users, most of you will clearly prefer the latter; for others of us, payment is less important than our time, energy and focus. That is a philosophical difference.


I wouldn’t exactly call Crossover Office software-as-a-service. It does not stop working once your support period runs out, like SaaS. There is no need to upgrade unless you upgrade your operating system and/or the Windows software Crossover supports. I have often gone a year or two, or more, between buying Crossover. When I do it is because I need a new or upgraded support for some Windows software.

Many people donate to open source projects from time to time, perhaps you have done so too. I have on occasion (I should do so more, but I often forget).

It’s more like a mandatory donation. :blush:

It also works out of the box with WINE. It used to require a lot of overrides, but hasn’t for some time. So long as the fonts for Linux are available for WINE, you can also share the same preference files between Linux and WINE. (Fontsmoothing is necessary…search backwards and I think I put some values that worked great for me. Caveat that I haven’t really used the WINE version in awhile.)

So long as Scrivener doesn’t need dx10/dx11, we should be good for the next version, as well.