Scrivener on Linux

I’m glad to see Scrivener available on Linux, my primary OS.

I had some questions and I don’t take it as a good sign that the forum doesn’t have a listing for “Scrivener on Linux”.

I would seriously consider investing in the software but only if I get the feeling that L&L is actually committing itself to the platform. Right now, I’m not feeling as though I want to commit my time to scrivener if the forum doesn’t even have a listing for it? So… just treat this as feedback.

Er… Scrivener on Linux :wink:

BTW, welcome to the forum.


Bless my soul Mr Hugh, but isn’t this old pirate ship, Scrivener, awash with: Gnomes, ubuntus, and neckbeards strutting their stuff wearing slackware? :open_mouth:

Thanks for the welcome, but why on earth is “Scrivener for Linux” stashed under “Scrivener for Windows”? :open_mouth:

I’m not one of those who has anything against Windows but…

Obviously, it just didn’t occur to me to look there. Why not bump it up and give it its own pride of place?

And another thing…

I am very, very, very supportive of scrivener for Linux (translate as: will buy), despite all the trash talk on OMG Ubuntu. You should see what Linux users say about other Linux distributions… let alone “for profit” software.

I asked the very same question some time ago.

In that thread lies the reason why they put it under the Windows thread instead of having its own thread.

I assume your questions aren’t addressed to me as I’m just a Scrivener user and the amount I know about Linux is - well - a very, very small thing, but I suggest that if you want authoritative answers then you post somewhere where the moderators check regularly - for example, the “Scrivener for Linux” forum. :wink:

I suspect that the answer to your question is that Scrivener/Literature and Latte was until recently a one-person band, aiming at Mac users. Now the Windows market is being targeted with a slightly larger workforce, but only slightly larger; that Scrivener can be used on Linux is for the time being a happy consequential side-effect. But that’s my guess.

Edit: Ah well, Wock’s given you the definitive answer.

I could be dead wrong about this, but, I think, Keith and Lee, have made space available on the Windows forum, for the Linux guys to do a lot of the troubleshooting for themselves. I’m not too sure just how much input Lee has had, overall.

So, if I were you, vt, I’d get my tooty up to Scriv for Linux Forum, where no doubt you’ll find, that the Scrivnux world’s your lobster. :wink:

I know it seems a little odd to have it stashed away there at the moment, but the trouble is that although we’ll keep providing Linux builds, we’re not too sure where to go with it yet. Windows is the next big plan, but fortunately Lee was able to use his Windows codebase to build a Linux version, too. However, there are discrepancies - such as, I believe, the PDF viewing code doesn’t work on Linux - and Lee is putting all his efforts into getting the Windows version working. To get the Linux version in ship-shape would take a lot of extra development effort that we don’t have at the moment, which is why we’re not shouting too loudly about the Linux version yet - we don’t want to mislead anybody. The Linux version is likely to stay in beta (and not be going on sale) for the foreseeable future.

In other words, we want to keep the Linux version active and up-to-date, but there are certain modules and for now there’s no official support for it - it’s just an offshoot of the Windows code because it was possible and there was some demand for it. This certainly isn’t us being “arrogant” as one user accused us of being on some Linux forum (he accused us of being arrogant for never having supported Linux before while CeltX had, obviously ignorant of the fact that we are a tiny, tiny company who used to only have one coder working all hours to provide a Mac version, let alone anything else!). We’re not trying to ignore or sideline Linux users, it’s just that we currently don’t have the resources to support it properly but figure it’s better to make it available as an indefinite beta now than to wait a year or two down the line.

I hope that makes sense.

All the best,

Actually Kevin,
If I was wearing my serious hat (uncomfortable fit, though), I’d say, that every time I’ve dropped in on the LinScriv forum ( just to see if they need any help with the more obtuse techie probs, as it were), it always seems to me, to be a most active and healthy Forum. Certainly, enough folk have discovered it as it is, definitely no need for banner headlines as yet, IMHO.
Take care Kev

Say what? Gah, I’m sorry. The gall/chutzpah/entitlement of some people never fails to surprise me. (And reminds me why I don’t hang out in linux-type communities much.) Plus the booze is better here. :wink:

Thanks Kevin.

My question remains… The Linux BETA runs out in March. What happens if there are no further developments on the Linux side? Can you extend the life of the Beta or am I out in the cold? I just don’t want to commit my project to scrivener only to be locked out of it if minds are changed?

“Kevin” was deliberate, right? :slight_smile:

No minds have been changed, incidentally - the Linux build has always been a, “Hey, a side effect of the Windows version is that we can provide Linux users with something, let’d do it!” thing, with a view to further thought about it in the future, once the Windows version is established.

So no, we won’t be leaving Linux users out in the cold. It will continue indefinitely as a free beta, until such time as we are able to dedicate resources to it so that it can be turned into a paid application. I need to check all of this with Lee, as he is the Windows and therefore Linux developer, but what should happen is that the LInux version will continue to be updated along with the Windows version, but the modules that don’t work because there is no Linux equivalent to the Windows code used - such as the PDF viewer - will remain broken for some time. So there will be an update that extends the beta period. Lee and I need to discuss how that will work a little more in detail, but Linux users will definitely continue to get builds - it’s just that Linux won’t be an officially supported platform for some time to come. I know that’s not great news to Linux users, but it was either that or just not do a Linux build at all for another year or two.

All the best,

Thanks “Kevin”. :slight_smile: That’s great news.

I moved away from Windows when updating software (to run on Windows 7) was going to cost more than the operating system itself. In the meantime, I’ve come to love Linux. I appreciate good software, free or for profit. Scrivener is just what I need. (WordPerfect had some of this functionality built in… sigh.)

I don’t mind BETA. As I’m sure you must know, once one has used Linux for a while, the notion of software in BETA is a big yawn. Alpha, now that’s a different story…

Admit it Mr garpu, you’re just a closet OS Xer. at heart :wink:

Eh, I’m really a System V kind of girl. :wink:

In honor of SCR “GOLD” from ye old days, maybe we can call the Linux Beta “Scrivener Red”.


For a fearful moment there, I thought you meant you were a disciple of Vic-k, but instead you’re a Sys5 babe. So are you Ms, Miss, Mrs, or Madam. I’ll bet you’re not a fan of Uri Geller, though, eh? :wink: :smiley:

Well, that should further muddy the already murky waters. Typical pidg. :frowning:
Take care

Heh. Dr. actually. (music) The in-laws are all rabid mac lovers (from the days of pr#6), so I can fit in, need be. :wink:
C’est la vie, eh, Doc? :smiley: