Scrivener on Mac AND Windows

I currently use Scrivener on Mac. When the Windows version is released I’d like to use it on a PC and work on the same project as on my Mac through Dropbox. Would this work seamlessly? Also, as a owner of the Mac version, will I get some kind of discount on the Windows version?

Hi erokar,

For the most part, yes, going back and forth should work seamlessly. There are some features in the Mac version that are not yet available in the Windows, so you won’t get all the same options when you’re working in the Windows environment; you won’t lose anything, you just won’t be able to work with it all the same. For example, the Mac version supports multiple project notepads, which Windows doesn’t. Right now in Windows you can’t access any additional notepads already created on the Mac; this will be changing so that you’ll be able to view and edit the notepads already created, but you still won’t be able to create new notepads while in Windows. (Up until this feature is added to Windows generally, of course, which will ultimately happen.) Inspector comments and footnotes are also not supported at present, so these will be changed in any documents you load in Windows to inline footnotes and comments–thus it’s best for the time being to work just with inline notes in projects that you know will be going cross-platform. There are a few last kinks in the system that are getting worked out in beta, but these will be fixed by release.

As for the discount, no, I’m afraid there won’t be one. The Windows version is entirely separate, created by a different developer, and the price has been set relatively low ($40) to be generally affordable. Of course, like the Mac version, a single license for the Windows version will cover multiple computers you own and the one you use at work.

Thanks for the thorough answer. Sounds like it will work for me.