Scrivener on multiple Mac books - Serial number does not work anymore

Dear Scrivener community

Apologies if this question has been solved before. I searched the forum but couldn’t find anything.

I have installed Scrivener on both my Mac Books and on my iphone.
However, I do not manage to get to run both Scrivener on both Mac books at the same time.
Always one of the Macs asks for theScrivener Serial Number (the licence) . And when I enter it, it says it’s not valid. Although it’s the right serial number and it works on the other Mac.

Would be very glad for help to resolve this.

Thank you !

Hi Birgit,

We need more details; for each of your Macs, which version of MacOS are you running, and what version of Scrivener do you have installed.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you Mark!

  1. Mac: HighSierra, 10.13.2
  2. Mac: Sierra, 10.12.6

Scrivener Version: the newest, The one with the many upgrades and improvements.

Many thanks, I’m really glad for any help on this.

You need to check which one it is. Version 3 on both machines or 2.8 on one of them?

On both MacBooks:
Version: 3.0.1

What can I do?

I need Scrivener for my business, and at the moment I can not use it because of this conflict.

Thank you!

Hi Birgit,

If you have a Scrivener 3 serial number (Scrivener 3 was a paid update from Scrivener 2 so a Scrivener 2 serial number will not work in Scrivener 3), then there is no reason that it should not work on both Macs. The first thing to try is quitting Scrivener then re-entering the serial number, and also, if you did own a Scrivener 2 licence and upgraded, make sure that you are entering your Scrivener 3 serial number and not an earlier one. If that still doesn’t work, please drop us a line at AT along with your order number or the serial number that isn’t working so that we can take a look.

All the best,

Keith, thank you, Problem solved.

I was not aware, that the upgrade to Scrivener 3 resulted in a new Serial Number…

Entered new Serial Number and all works great. Thank you again, very glad