Scrivener on non-Pro iPad?

I’m sorry if this has been asked before, I didn’t have any luck with the search function finding the answer I was looking for.

How does Scrivener run a non-Pro iPad? It looks like quite a few people are using Scrivener with Pro models, but the non-Pro iPads are considerably cheaper, and I have a real laptop when I need computing horsepower. The new sixth-generation iPad uses the same processor as an iPhone 7, which I think should be plenty powerful enough. Is the 2GB of RAM on the iPad limiting in anyway? Also, does the larger screen on the Pro models make much of a difference?


Scrivener runs fine on “lesser” iOS devices.

Whether the larger screen makes a difference is really a matter of taste. iOS Scrivener is designed to use whatever space exists as efficiently as possible, but obviously an iPhone won’t be able to display as much at once.

I have an iPad Mini. My most common iOS Scrivener applications are split-screened with DevonThink To Go, or by itself to take notes during interviews. Works great.


I am happy with the performance of scrivener on my iPad Air 2, as well as my iPhone 7.

(I am continually surprised at how productive I can be using Scrivener on the relatively tiny iPhone screen.)

I use Scrivener on both a brand new 12" iPad Pro and a four year old 9.7" iPad Air without any noticeable difference in performance.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I thought Scrivener would probably run fine, but I wanted to confirm with actual users before I take any action.