Scrivener on OneDrive

Is Scrivener able to use Microsoft OneDrive from multiple computers? I work from three computers.

For “live” projects (the ones that you actively edit), OneDrive is probably a bad idea*. I don’t know what it does wrong, but it apparently doesn’t play nice, and results in corrupted projects at least some of the time. Dropbox is a known good solution to synchronizing these actively used projects, and I’ve heard good things about Cubby as well. Avoid Google Drive too*.

If you want your automatic backups to go there, then I’d set that up without much hesitation (Tools->Options->Backup), but be sure to set the “Compress automatic backups as zip files” option while you’re there.

[size=85]* Every once in a while, someone will chime in, saying that they use these services with Scrivener and aren’t experiencing issues; but even if problems only occur for 10% of people using them 10% of the time, do you really want to risk your work to those chances?[/size]

I use one drive with scrivener all the time. I’ve had very little problems, just make sure that you close out of one computer’s scrivener before opening up the next one. Make sure that the drives are synced before switching. When you see check marks on the folders and a cloud on the icon then it’s okay to open it. Just be ware of the delayed update. If you see “last update X hours ago” just close out of OneDrive and restart it. There is currently no way that I found that will force onedrive to check the server for changes. Most of the time this only happens on my windows 10 tablet, due to the sleep mode but once in a while it happens to my PC.

I used Scriv with OneDrive for a couple of months – on a single computer, no less – until I got tired of having to fix whatever corruption popped up. Now I simply use the method of having Scriv backup as a .ZIP archive to my ONeDrive folder. Each machine has a separate local Writing folder that I unpack the latest backup file to.